Fringe Farewell

A little bit of warning or something like “you’re gonna cry and your heart is gonna ache” would have been nice.

I cried my eyes out for the entire feature. This was definitely too much for my poor heart and eyes!! Again, what a wonderful group of people! 

And yes, I lost it completely at John hugging and kissing Anna. I didn’t even try to suppress my tears there!

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Fringe 5x12 & 5x13 ~ “Liberty” & “An Enemy of Fate” Series Finale Easter Eggs

The White Tulip | Chelsea Clinton leads polls in Presidential race | Warner Bros. announces remake on Harry Potter | The apples (glyph) and the Dove | The “silence” | 513 | The Hand glyph | The Thank you letter to us fans | The White Tulip

Fringe Fringe Fox fringe 100th Anna Torv joshua jackson john noble jasika nicole georgina haig Blair Brown Lance Reddick michael cerveris Rowan Longworth michael kopsa Olivia Dunham Peter Bishop walter bishop astrid farnsworth etta bishop nina sharp Phillip Broyles september donald michael Captain Windmark observers easter eggs