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" Every horse needs a carrot. Every mouse, a piece of cheese. Incentive [..] all creatures need an incentive to perform tasks"
-David Robert Jones (Fringe 4x14)

Wish we all could have seen Lance’s face in that moment LOL

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Phillip Broyles - 2x06 vs. 2x13

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fangirl challenge
   ↳ five casts » ‘Fringe’ cast.

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Fringe S01E01 “Pilot”

“Sweet Olivia”

I loved how they treated her back at the time. It was hilarious…especially Broyles LOL

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Fringe: September 9th, 2008 - January 18th, 2013.

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Peter and LSD

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The AWESOME cast of Fringe (2012)

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Lance Reddick and Joshua Jackson (x)


Lance Reddick and Joshua Jackson (x)

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Fringe Farewell

A little bit of warning or something like “you’re gonna cry and your heart is gonna ache” would have been nice.

I cried my eyes out for the entire feature. This was definitely too much for my poor heart and eyes!! Again, what a wonderful group of people! 

And yes, I lost it completely at John hugging and kissing Anna. I didn’t even try to suppress my tears there!

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Fringe 5x12 & 5x13 ~ “Liberty” & “An Enemy of Fate” Series Finale Easter Eggs

The White Tulip | Chelsea Clinton leads polls in Presidential race | Warner Bros. announces remake on Harry Potter | The apples (glyph) and the Dove | The “silence” | 513 | The Hand glyph | The Thank you letter to us fans | The White Tulip

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Agent Broyles and LSD

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