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" Every horse needs a carrot. Every mouse, a piece of cheese. Incentive [..] all creatures need an incentive to perform tasks"
-David Robert Jones (Fringe 4x14)

What I said on the tape about stealing time with you, I meant it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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Lincoln: Witnesses reported seeing two people jump out of a dorm window. Cops get there: one body. Grad student who lived there. But the cops find two sets of fingerprints on the ledge during their investigation.

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Hihoney! We’re on national tv, and I’m embarrassing myself.”

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When I look into your eyes I know it’s you.


When I look into your eyes I know it’s you.

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Favorite #Fringe Scenes:

1x01 Pilot 

PETER: Genetically, humans and cows are separated by only a couple lines of DNA. So, it’s an ethical test subject?

OLIVIA: Where’d you learn that? MIT?

PETER: No actually, I picked that up reading books. You should try it sometime. It’s fun.

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+ Peter Bishop - Fringe -

+ Peter Bishop - Fringe -

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Peter in The Same Old Story.

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