But the apple gets Peter thinking about the “amazing apple pie” he and Olivia had “just after the invasion” in Boston. He prattles on obliviously about the dingy little restaurant they found with the “mad genius” cook while they were looking for a place to eat after going to the shelter for lost children. “What was that guy’s name?” Peter asks, and a CLEARLY UNCOMFORTABLE Olivia is all, “I don’t know,” and Peter can’t believe that Ms. Photographic Memory can’t remember and fails to clue in to Olivia’s obvious discomfort, not to mention it doesn’t occur to him that it’s really, really, REALLY weird to be fondly reminiscing about a time when they had just been to a shelter for lost children to look for their DAUGHTER WHO WENT MISSING DURING AN INVASION OF PSEUDO-OMNISCIENT NON-HUMANS, I mean JESUS CHRIST PETER WOULD YOU LISTEN TO YOURSELF. I mean, it looks like even Etta, who basically met her mom like two days ago seems to be able to tell that something’s up.
Fringe 5x03 Recap - Television Without Pity

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10/19/12 at 8:50am
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