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" Every horse needs a carrot. Every mouse, a piece of cheese. Incentive [..] all creatures need an incentive to perform tasks"
-David Robert Jones (Fringe 4x14)
Fringe 3.17- Stowaway: Don’t listen to him, her.

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Olivia + talking to Rachel and Ella

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You gotta trust me. I’m you.

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"My dog hates having his picture taken." -lawsonj123

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fringe meme → one episode → Jacksonville 

You abused us, Walter. Me and other children.
No, we were trying to help you. We were trying to make you more than you were.
Is that what you were doing? Or searching for answers to questions you shouldn’t have been asking in the first place?
I was a different man then.
I was a defenseless child.
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fringe season one + colors (2/3): 
» green, blue and violet

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Fringe+foreshadowing: She’s just what you need, someone who can see right through you

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